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Olúpémi Olúdáre

Olúpémi Olúdáre (PhD) is a Yorùbá native of Nigeria. He is a musicologist, with research interests in rhythm, movement, language, culture, and cognition. His interdisciplinary researches focus on the role of music in human and social development. He is currently a postdoc researcher at the Utrecht University.
As a Christian, he is devoted to the mandated words of Jesus Christ to “…love the Lord thy God…” and “…love thy neighbour as thyself” (Matt. 22: 37-39). ‘When you love God, you will fear and obey Him, which will make you seek the good, love, and peace of your fellow men and women’.

Postdoctoral Fellow
Utrecht Institute of Linguistics (Language, logic, and information)
Utrecht University.
Department of Creative Arts (Music)
University of Lagos
African Studies Centre, University of Leiden (Associate member)
University of Edinburgh Catalyst Non-Residential Fellow 2020
University of Edinburgh Catalyst Fellow 2019

En hij speelt viool in ons orkest Capella Passionata